Alansons range of urea, melamine, phenol and resorcinol based resins offer cost-effective and flexible solutions in both hot and cold conditions. High structural strength, heat and water resistance make them well suited to the manufacture of exterior high hazard structural components, and heat resistant composite structures such as fire resistant doors. As a UK and worldwide distributor for Dynea (formerly Dynochem and Ciba-Geigy), we stock and supply a wide range of their Prefere, Aerodux and Aerolite branded products and offer the customer unrivalled technical support and knowledge for this range. Many of the products conform to recognised standards such as EN301-Type1, BS 1203 (Type WBP), BS 1204: Part 1 (Type MR), BS 1204: Part 2 (Type MR) and BS EN 12765 (Class 3). Enquire for details.

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